Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So much for New Years resolutions!

Guess I'm not doing so well keeping up with that darn New Years resolution! Well I'm going thru my craft stages. All summer I scrapbooked, well sort of, most of the summer. And now that it's cold, I'm back to crocheting. I've made 5 blankets for Linus, hats for preemies at the hospital, and pieces for Warm up America. Now I've decided to do a craft show on December 2 and I need to get stuff made for that. Luckily I have stuff left from last year's flop!
I did get a couple purses made. I still need to felt one, but here's a photo unfelted. It's made from Paton's wool(the brown) and Lion brand wool(the teal). I made it for my friend Melanie. We both just love the Java Blue print made by Vera Bradley and she really loves their hipster bag. The colors are very close as you can see and if she doesn't like it, I'm taking it back!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years resolutions!

I never do these because I never follow thru with them, but I am going to make one to try to blog more. I have so much to say and everyone here is tired of hearing it!
We had a wonderful New Years Eve with our friends at a house about 3 blocks away, so the ride home was great. the kids even stayed up till midnite, how could they not with all the noise from 8 kids running around! The mommies drank themselves silly and had a good time. But I'm so tired today. Luckily my kids don't go back to school till Tuesday, while everyone else there starts tomorrow(Monday). Boy I can't wait till Tuesday though!
I started taking down CHristmas decorations today, hopefully I can have it all done tomorrow. I'm ready to put the house back in order, whatever that order might be, since I haven't finished unpacking yet!
Off for some beauty sleep and to work on some auction items!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The end of summer...

Christine starts school tomorrow!!!! But it's just a tease, she only goes a half day. Then she goes Thursday and Friday this week, Mon, Tue, and Wed next week. She has a 5 day weekend for Labor day! Ugh. Evan doesn't start until later in September. I got Ev's room painted, but i need to do some touch ups. I'll wait to do those after we move his stuff in. I was also thinking about painting his ceiling. It looks kinda dumb, a white ceiling with tha bright yellow and warm brown. I don't know. I also started on my red wall today, I LOVE IT! It's going to look so great with the red toille quilt, but I think I will have to paint the othe walls more of a taupe instead of leaving them white. WHY IS EVERYTHING WHITE!
Here's the shrug I made for Christine.
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Looks thrilled doesn't she! She really did like the shrug, she just doesn't like it when I tell her how to pose.
It was very easy only took a few hours and one skein of Bernat Coordinates. I love the outcome, may even have to make one for myself!

All my violets are in bloom!
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They love that window, just the right exposure. Not sure what to do with them when we move, I don't have a window that faces that direction that isn't blocked! Hope they survive!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Moving time!

Well we got posession back of our house from the renters and it's in pretty much the same shape as when we left, except the bathroom ceiling is peeling. And the yard is an absolute mess.I don't know if we should just kill it all and start over or what. But atleast now I can get over there and start some painting. I found a big boy quilt for Evan today at Target. It's a Woolrich and beautiful colors and he approved(He's 3).
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He loves yellow and I wanted something he wouldn't outgrow in a couple years and it was perfect! The paint colors will be one of the yellows for the walls and one of the darker browns for the trim. I can't wait!

Made a star ghan for my mom's Boyd's bears to rest their tushies on. She has a lot of the Americana bears and she has them sitting on her dining room table with a quilt she made, but they are kind of overflowing, so I though she could put it on a bench with them.
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I used RHSS in Claret, Mainstays in True Navy, and Mainstays in Soft Beige. Less than a half skein each.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

On a roll!

I've been on a roll this week! I did 2 drawstring bags, taking what I liked from different patterns and the advice of my daughter! She did not like the shape of the purple one. I aso did a shell on the top of the redorange one that I really like.
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I also made a scarf and hat set from Joann's Angel Hair, again taking things I liked about different patterns. I LOVE that yarn! especially since it was 40% off since our Joanns is moving.
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Terrible picture, I really need to find my glass head!
I also did a scarf Thursday nite from joanns Lolo. Total pain in the ass to work with, but cute little boa scarf, picture to follow!
Also just finishing up a star blanket with some Bernat Softee that cost me $1.50 on clearance at Walmart a few months ago. Gotta love those bargains. One skein made about a carseat sized blanket, I have one more skein. I'm still trying to decide if I want to make it bigger or not. Hmmm....

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Twice in 2 days!

Blogger will probably break down tonite, I'm posting 2 days in a row!
Well I finished the round ripple that gave me fitsfor 2 months. And I can't believe how easy it was! I don't know what I did wrong. This is going to a friend of mine who had a baby on my birthday!
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Last week we took the kids to se James Taylor in concert a couple hours from where we live. The place is an open air place with seats in a pavilion and on the lawn. Of course we were on the lawn(cheap haha seats). This was the second James Taylor concert the kids have been to, we listen to him all the time at home so they sing right along! It was lightening the whole time we were there and there was an absolute down pour once we got in the car to leave. We got so lucky! Any way here's some pics of us having fun. (excuse some of the pics, the kids and strangers took them!) That's James Taylor in the first picture I swear!
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I took the kids to our Botanical gardens today for a Willy Wonka day. They had different activities, but i go there a lot to take pictures, so I did!
I'll have to post them tomorrow - having a heck of a time with photo bucket! Ok I got it!
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Our summer visitors

Our summer visitors have arrived. And these are the good kind, they aren't loud, I don't have to clean up after them, all I have to do is feed them. It's our hummingbirds!
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We think we have 3 or 4, it's hard to tell, but I have seen 3 atthe feeder(or near) all at the same time. There is one male that guards the feeder and will only let a female feed from it, it chases the other male off. He sits on a branch close to the feeder and keeps watch.
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It's pretty amusing to watch! So we did put up a second feeder so none is excluded!
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